Big Dollar Casino: $60,000 Freaky Treats

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The Big Dollar Casino is returning to celebrate this month of October with many spooky games. And a whole lot more of those freaky treats; which you are about to enjoy as soon as you sign up for more fun and entertainment that is constantly brought by the online casino Big Dollar. Therefore, one may snag a few really cool things at that too, which means even more surprises would be waiting for you there. Seem like one may still get some bonus points here and there, so that should be fun too. So that should give you even more chances to revisit all those amazing things too. Which of course, will lead you to even bigger rewards, that you can gain once you do all those fun things; like playing slots during Halloween. Some bonus terms and conditions may still apply.

Because the Freaky Treats campaign is now here, and it will deliver many more opportunities for you to score a lot of extra points. And so the Freaky Treats promotion will continue on delivering some of those goodies; until the 19th of October this year. So get out there now and get to win a portion out of the big pool of prizes; which is $60,000 in cash. But let’s not forget that you can still redeem many more bonus gifts and other free stuff, once you become a member of the Big Dollar network and gaming program.

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Big Dollar Casino

Promo: Freaky Treats

Pool: $60,000 cash

Start: 14/10/2021

End: 19/10/2021

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