Knight Rider – Release: February 2022

Knight Rider has been a popular television show, and it has cemented itself as one of the most entertaining series in TV’s history. And so now, Net Entertainment has ensured that it would also be remembered as a fun online casino game. With this upcoming new video slot, it will definitely bring you all the usual goodies that normally come with this experience. This should definitely make for a super comfortable and extremely fun spinning activity. This fabulous looking game will be packed with awesome bonus content as well.

While the game itself looks incredible, the inserts from the show will definitely make it all that more exciting. In addition to all that, the Knight Rider slot will of course have everything to let you begin this online adventure. Which seems to possess also a couple more extra bonuses to let you continue on. The following game is bound to provide all the aforementioned things, but also many more cool things. In case you would like to learn more, there is a whole page over at NetEnt’s site dedicated to it. Or the official Knight Rider slot trailer on YouTube. Which also consists of the show’s spectacular racing action. Expect to see it already on the 24th of February.

Knight Rider 2022