Parthenon: Quest for Immortality – Release: APRIL 2021

Parthenon: Quest for Immortality is one of the newest projects from the Net Entertainment studios. And it seems like a worthy successor to this game too, since it will come with a colorful display of the ancient mythology. While all that sounds fancy, one can easily see why the game is going to ensure a lot of fun in the process. It sure will make for a great addition to the already booming online casino scene. And that is just the perfect addition to what players are able to enjoy in the process. With all those colorful graphics that follow suit, the slot itself brings all that good stuff to the table. Because that is what Net Ent games like video slots are known for in the first place.

Follow the most recent events, and you will have lots of free spins too. Parthenon: Quest for Immortality follows the continuum of a previous NetEnt slot, which has already proven to be quite successful. With all its fortune, fame and glory, it will definitely attract a host of players; eager to venture forth and have many adventures. The heroic tales won’t end, with plenty of golden coins, free chips and bonus rounds, plus all the wilds and scatters one can trigger during the gameplay. Since this game is still being developed, you should expect to see more of its footage as time passes by. In addition; the slot will premiere on the 23rd of April this year. Look for more ways to expand on this gambling experience, so that you are able to experience it to the fullest extent. All this and more, will have an impact too.

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