Space Miners – Release: FEBRUARY 2022

The Space Miners are coming to your favorite Relax Gaming casino; this month too. The game is going to be released on the 8th of February 2022, so expect to see and hear more about it in the upcoming days. Since this is one of the newest additions on the gaming market, it should provide a bunch of really cool things too. Among those, bonuses and free spins, chips and everything else; are sure to come. As the titles clearly suggests; you are about to witness a whole lot of space action. One that is going to involve various extra terrestrial species and their impressive technology. Space Miners is one of the most recent projects from the Relax Gaming studio.

The company responsible for creating some pretty amazing games. And of course, other casino entertainment that is going to push the envelope even further than that. Space Miners will have lots and lots of freebies, as well as additional bonus content that is a sure way to make the most out of it. Keep on spinning and explore this vast world of stunning visuals, which of course features some very enticing rewards too. See for yourselves just what this whole online experience is all about and get to play many more games like this one.

Space Miners 2022