Wazamba Casino – Lucky May: €10,000

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Wazamba is an absolutely fantastic online casino, and it sure knows really well how to maintain such experience. For there are many more awesome things that you will learn once you become a full time member of the Wazamba casino family. And earn yourselves a bunch of awesome rewards in the process too. Because the fun never stops at casino Wazamba, and of course to sample a couple of its latest goods. For the fun never seems to end there, and one may often wonder just what manner of other surprises are still left to discover. Go on then; explore this amazing site, and explore whatever other awesome things you may still come across out there.

See to it that you find as many games as you like, and venture forth into this digital realm that will wow you with its splendorous gambling. Such online entertainment is certainly worth trying, for sure. Therefore, you would do well as to sign up right away, and check out a few of its remaining promotions. Or wait until the new ones arrive, because each day, week and month; brings some new exquisite tournaments to Wazamba. Including this Lucky May tournament that is currently taking place there as we speak. Go join it right now, and win a portion out of the total of 10,000 Euros. This prize pot will remain available until the end of this week only, so opt in now.

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Wazamba Casino

Tournament: Lucky May

Prize Pool: €10,000

Minimum Bet: €0.3

No. of Prizes: 10

Start: 02-05-2022

End: 08-05-2022

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